Here comes the good life…

Here we go again! Yes, we are back – finally!! It’s been a while since we told you that we need a short break from blogging to improve our content and particularly the design. But life happens and it happened a lot, so our short break took a little longer than we thought. But we hope you are still there too.


So we proudly present das jute leben 2.0 and we are truly in love! From now on there will be more unique content. Simply topics we would love to talk about and – maybe you’ve noticed – a little language switch: das jute leben goes international.


Hopefully you like our new website as much as we do and hopefully this will be a place full of joy and discussions in the nearer future. Please share your thoughts and inspirations in the comments down below, so das jute leben can be part of your good life too.

But first of all we would like to introduce you to our first monthly freebie, this pretty springlike wallpaper for your desktop or your smartphone. Hopefully you like this goodie as much as we do, cause we are full-on ready for spring!

Desktop Versionย //ย Mobile Version

So let’s call it a day! Tomorrow there will be more thoughtful words and pretty pink pictures – aren’t these tulips gorgeous?


Lots of love, J&L

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