Monthly Favorites

We decided to split our monthly favorites between each other. There will be a favorites’ post every month for you guys but just one for us every other month. Sometimes it’s hard to find a lot of things you truly love during 30 days and I guess that’s not the point of monthly favorites, just to try to love something for the sake of a blogpost. So here’s my turn and in April Julie will report what she loves.


There are two things I’m absolutely obsessed with since the beginning of the new year. First of all it’s this simple, but absolutely gorgeous handbag by Liebeskind. Normally I don’t spend that much money on a bag which looks like a high fashion grocery bag. But I really needed an everyday back which fits all my working stuff plus lunch bag. And I’m a hugh fan of the quality of Liebeskind and a minimalistic design. So, after two month using this bag almost every day I can say, it’s worth the money!

The other thing I barely undress is this cozy mohair turtleneck sweater in this gorgeous khaki color by H&M. Normally I don’t shop at H&M because of the bad quality of most of the items and it’s low budget labour politics. And I feel a little bit guilty to let this jumper into my cupboard. But I’ve worn it 90 percent of the time during the last two months and I’ve never felt that comfortable. Sadly (or luckily) the jumper comes in only that color, that’s the only bad thing to say about.


On Monday I told you everything about my holy grail products when it comes to skincare. Most of the products I use since a long time. Not the Rituals Lip Service! I got this lip balm a few weeks ago just because I needed two more Euro adding to my basket to get a set of hand creams for free – girls logic huh? I’m always on the hunt for the perfect lip balm for my dry lips and because of some annoying habits of mine like chewing on my lips when I’m nervous or for the fact I always forget to drink enough water during the day. Of course, a lip balm doesn’t solve my problems but this one comes pretty close.


A sweet but healthy-ish snack on my favorites list are these energy balls by Madeleine Shaw. I shared this easy recipe with you on Thursday and since then there a only a few left. Check out the recipe here.

And last but not least not only one of my favorite magazines to read but also to write for is the german Rosegarden magazine. I love the idea that every issue comes with it’s own topic, the January issue is all about crafts and handwork. I reported about the remarkable long term Camera Obscura project Lange Zeit – Lichtbilder der Baltischen See by my dad Joachim Lindner and me, pooled in this amazing coffee-table book by seltmann+söhne. I’m so happy how everything turned out and I would love you guys to check out this project.


So that’s a wrap. There are a lot of things which come to your mind when you’ve had some time off. I would love to read all your monthly favorites in the comments down below, so tell me! Lots of love, L

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