Reading list during the next vacation

Finally there will be some time to read again! I have to confess that I really neglected a hobby I loved to do my whole life over the last year. I’ve been so busy reading stuff for Uni that I forgot about to read just for myself. But this will change in the nearer future! I’m going on holiday in a couple of weeks and most of these books will join me on my vacation trip.


I told you about Thees Uhlmann’s Sophia, der Tod und ich a few month ago and since then – shame on me – I never started reading. But there will be a time for this lovely, romantic but tragic and funny lovestory all about life and death. Hopefully it’s that sentimental but beautiful as the songs of singer and songwriter Thees Uhlmann.

A little life by Hanya Yanagihara sits next to my night stand for a long time now. I had to buy this book in English a few month ago just because I couldn’t wait for the German version (came out in January). As I said, I’m obsessed with books and I have to have them all, it’s just the time, I don’t have to read them and this really makes me sad and a little bit angry about myself. But back to the book itself. So what’s it all about? A little life tells you about a deep longlasting friendship between four men and the troubles of life. Face to face to the dark sides and problems of the characters the book reveals the meaning of true friendship.


I’m highly impressed with the culture of the Middle east, that’s why I want to read Stephan Orth’s Couchsurfing im Iran since forever. The author tells all about his experiences when he travels Iran and the special places he stayed during his longterm trip.

The Tattoo Dictionary by Trent Aitken-Smith and Ashley Tyson isn’t a book you have to read in one rush but a great gift for all tattoo lovers. I gave it to my boyfriend for Christmas and I love to browse it now and then. It’s not only great for getting to know all the deeper meanings behind a theme but also to inspire.


And last but not least I’m not ashamed to promote myself just a little bit. Maybe some of you have read about it in my favorites post on Saturday, but my dad and I brought out the book Lange Zeit – Lichtbilder der Baltischen See a few weeks ago. It’s a beautifully made coffee table book about this amazing longterm Camera Obscura project my dad visualized in his photographs. I would love you to check out the book, just because I’m so happy that it has finally come out. And believe me, it took a long time to make this project happen.

So here we go, these are a few of the books which (still) stands on my reading list. Please share your favorite books in the comments down below, just because I’m a hoarder when it comes to literature. Have a great week and lots of love, L

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