Top 5 Podcasts

You might wonder, why a blogpost about my top 5 podcasts appears in the lifestyle and the books section of dasjuteleben. Let me tell you, there have been podcast episodes that have completely changed my vision of something or have simply blown me away. Something normally a book will be able to do. So I’m sharing my favourite podcasts with you today. They might be even better than every self-help book you’ve ever read…img_0479So I’m going to talk about two English podcasts and three German ones. There’s something funny, something productive and something that goes around the world in there!

Foto 11.03.17, 08 03 58Jules & Sarah – The Podcast
So we’re starting this of with a light one. Jules Von Hep and Sarah Powell are the most amazing showhosts I’ve ever heard. They just ramble on every week about their lives and random things and topics they’ve come across. Sounds simple, but they are the most ridiculously funny people I’ve ever listened to. There has been almost no podcast where I haven’t laughed tears throughout. If your looking for nothing in particular and simply want to boost your mood on a weekly basis you’re good to go! I mean – just look at them!

Foto 11.03.17, 08 04 25Cohesive Home Podcast
Kate and Melissa are the host of this podcast all about home. “We believe that all families have a beautiful story woven into the DNA of their home. We believe that the home is the nucleus of that story and the center of a lifelong adventure together. We believe that living minimally–less stuff, less obligations, and less stress–creates a cohesive home”. And that’s what their podcast is all about. Short episodes about living with less, but experiencing more. My favourite episodes are #27 Living Simply By Your Values and #13 Minimalist Wardrobes.

Foto 11.03.17, 08 03 12Produktiv in digitalen Zeiten
is a podcast by Lars Bobach, hosted by Barbara Fernandez. They talk about every topic, every mindset, every app and every little gadget that will take your productivity to a new level. They help you create a digital work environment and get rid of all your paper clutter.
My favourite episodes are #31 6 Gründe für die Selbstständigkeit and #15 Wie Du aus Deiner ToDo-Liste eine Erfolgsliste machst.
P.S. They got the most soothing voices ever..

Foto 11.03.17, 08 03 29Off the Path
is all about travelling the world. Sebastian Canaves – a german travel blogger – is host to a lot of different people talking about their experiences studying, moving or simply traveling abroud. Get lost in the amazing stories from all around the world and get some travel trips on the ways along.
Favourite episodes: Durchs vielseitge Marokko allein als Frau mit Kind mit Sabrina Müller-Krohe and Mit einer chinesischen Reisegruppe durch die Innere Mongolei mit Cornelia Zausinger.


Foto 11.03.17, 08 03 40Der Digitale Nomaden Podcast
And last but not least a podcast by a friend of mine, Timo and his co-host Sascha. They talk about everything it takes to live as a digital nomad, travelling the world. And they’ve had the most amazing guests on their show as well.
My favourite episodes are #103 Sarah Kriebs: Ortsunabhängig als Freelancer and #93 Stefanie Oeffner: Der Weg einer 7 jährigen Weltreise.

Do you have any new podcast reccomendations? We would love to listen to them! Just leave a comment below!

Lots of love, J


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