Creamy Potato-Carrot-Soup

IMG_0497My go to recipe during the colder months is this creamy potato-carrot-soup. It is full of yummy, warming ingredients and spices that make me feel comfortable. And to be honest, it’s still chilly enough where we live to enjoy this soup even at the end of March.

Tip: If you want to make this soup during the warmer months, add some lemongrass for a bit of freshness!

Ingredients for the soup (serves 6 people)

1,5 kg potatoes
1 kg carrots
1 leek
200g whipping cream (liquid)
muscat-powdercurry-powdervegetable stock

Ingredients for Croutons

500 gr full grain toast or dark bread
pinch of salt

IMG_0504Peel and chop up all the vegetables and cook them in a big pot until they’re soft. Strain off access water until you are left with about three fingers breadth. Blend the cooked vegetables together with your wipping cream. Season the soup to taste with ginger, pepper, muscat-powder, curry-powder and vegetable stock.

Whilst your soup is boiling chop up your bread into small squares, season it with a bit of salt and roast the pieces in a pan with a bit of butter.

Serve your soup with some sour cream and croutons on top! Enjoy!


What is your favourite soup recipe?

Lots of Love, J

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