Clicks of the Month #1

We spend a lot of our time browsing the internet. We shop, we read, we work, we are the digital generation. Even cookbooks or food shopping aren’t that necessary any more – everything you need on a daily basis you can find online. It’s both boon and bane, because from time to time you have to remember yourself that reality are the things that happen outside of the digital world and that’s what makes digital detox so popular these days. But that’s another keyword on our agenda. Today we want to share with you our most popular clicks of  the last few weeks and we would love to hear from you guys what’s been on your list of popular clicks the last month.

Something I can highly recommend to all the fashion and interior freaks out there is the Blickfang fair. I’ve been there the first time in my life, but set the date for this exhibition almost a year ago when a dear friend told me about it. It’s all about jewelry, fashion and interior by small designer brands from all over Europe. Since visiting Blickfang I’m totally obsessed with their online shop and my drawers are jam packed with visiting cards I need to check out. So if you’re a huge fan of handcraft and self-made beautiful bits and bobs, go have a look.

DariaDaria is a blogger I’ve been following for quite some years now and with her help I’m transitioning from fast fashion to slow fashion, sustainable fashion and second hand. But she also shares tips on other thoughtful parts of her lifestyle. And although I am not a vegan, I like to think about the food I buy and often friends tend to wonder where I get that kind of money from to buy regional and or ecological food. But it’s just not that way and DariaDaria just shared a blogpost about 10 tips for saving money whilst eating mindfully.

I’m totally obsessed with the H&M x Coachella collaboration. I neither can afford traveling to Coachella nor have I the time but it’s all about the vagabond, summer-like vibes the collection radiates. And even if you will join the festival season by scrolling through Instagram like I do, at least you have a pretty dress waiting for the perfect summer night.

And Julie is waiting for the first pieces of the coachella-line to hit the thriftshops.. Because those patterns and fabrics are simply beautiful!

A topic I have been confroted with over the past couple of years is self love. Because how can I thrive, work to my full potential and be thoughtful with others if I don’t care enought about myself. ‘The private life of a girl‘ shares 5 crucial habits to adopt to improve self care and learn that you matter most. And one of them is to go offline more and simply switch off.

Granted, Pinterest is no secret any more but during the last few weeks I really felt back in love with this platform. Since we started blogging again earlier this year, it’s all about finding inspiration and ideas for our blog. Plus these pretty pictures make me work harder on my own Pinterest-like photographs. You can check out our private accounts here and here.

I discovered the lifestyle blog The Elgin Avenue by Monica at the beginning of March and have slowly been reading my way through it. And besides the great content, Monica has a really pleasing eye for aesthetics, so her photographs and apartment look stunning. I especially enjoyed her thoughts on meditation and her experience on stressfull thought patterns and how she overcame them.

As bloggers we are truly in love with lots of other blogs and we are always on the hunt for the best blogpost inspiration, the prettiest pictures and the most trending topics, that’s why we spend a lot of our spare time reading articles and trying to find our own drive. So we would love to hear from you what’s on your sidebar this month and what you would like to read from us. Lots of love, J&L



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