Spring Inspiration

It’s no secret any longer, that I’m a huge easter and spring fan when it comes to interior and decoration. I’m totally obsessed with pretty colors, fresh flowers and spring vibes all over my place. It doesn’t always have to be ceramic eggs and cute little bunnies but a decent looking, spring inspired decoration and a good amount of greenery. So here you find a few snapshots from my living room and looots of inspiration for your own home.

We have this huuuge antic wooden dining table in the center of our living room. What I love about this piece of furniture is the amount of opportunities when it comes to decoration. You will always find fresh flowers, a solid amount of ceramic pots and vases and other bits and bobs on my table, but there is still enough space for working and dining on the other end.

I love to pot my favorite plants and flowers in cute vases, mugs and ceramic bowl just to mix it up a little bit. These days I’m obsessed with eucalyptus, just because it’s the most gorgeous silver-green color I’ve ever seen and I love the fresh, strong smell of it.

Funny story: When I was a little child, I kept my chocolate easter bunnies for years just because I felt sorry for them to eat them. Of course, I don’t feel sorry at all any more because obviously, it’s chocolate and I’m a little bit of a chocolate junkie. But these pretty design by Lindt is allowed to stay on my table just a little longer, it’s too pretty to handle. Chocolate and animal print, what a genius idea Lindt!

And of course there is no easter without Panettone. Normally you eat this Italian cake during the holiday season but they mix up the design right before easter so it looks like a peace dove.I love the fluffy and sweet dough spiked with raisins. Spring Inspiration

Cushions H&MDoormat BloomingvilleBasket BloomingvilleCandleholder madeBlanket Ib LaursenTeapot WestwingCoffee Table madeFlowerpot Broste CopenhagenVase House Doctor

And just because I’m totally obsessed with the combination gold, wood and a bit of spring colors right now, here you find my favorite spring picks. Let me know if you liked my idea of spring impressions and share your thought with our little community . Happy easter and lots of love, L


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