Things to keep me organized on a daily basis

There are a lot of things that keep people organized, doing sports for example or keeping up with a to-do list. So today we want to share with you a few things that help us to stay focused during busy times and keep up with an ideal work-life-balance.  The sentence clean place clear mind works perfect for me. I don’t have a desk at home, but this huge dining table where I sit most of the times with my laptop. A dining table isn’t the ideal place to work from home so I have a bag of tricks that help me to keep me organized.Firstly, besides a clean place and to keep a clear mind you have to structure your working time and your free time. I tend to work late so I need to set a date when it’s time to close my laptop and spend some time with friends and family. It’s important to give yourself a break from time to time to stay focused. So schedule regular breaks during the day, grab a little snack or have some fresh air. Making these breaks increases productivity.

Switch off the notifications on your mobile devices. As important it is to develop a work-life-balance and take your time off, it’s also important to stay focused during work time. Don’t let little notifications interrupt your concentration with annoying popup messages and put yourself in a position where you can focus on doing your tasks.

Use to-do lists to keep up with both your working tasks and your daily life. In the morning I write down at least three points on both of my to-do lists I try to work through during my day. This gives me a good feeling at the end of the day even if my day ends at three pm in the afternoon. That’s ok! Set yourself a goal and when you’ve reached it, allow yourself to enjoy your spare time.



To-do List verticalTo-do List horizontalAdress BookPencilsStationery BoxScissor goldScissor black Document BasketPaperclips DepositNotebooks

And last but not least mix up your routine with some pretty things to be motivated staying focused. I’m obsessed with stationery at the moment. Especially these cute floral prints by Rifle Paper Co. are too adorable, so eventually I made a sneaky little order to brighten up my work life. The stationery box is perfect for me as well as the document basket, because at the end of the day I can pack my stuff away and enjoy my evening. And there you have it again, clean place clear mind. How do you keep your life organized? Have a great day and lots of love, L

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