Favorite Lebanese lemonade recipe

When you read this post I’m at one of my favorite places on earth – Beirut. This stunning, picturesque city in the Middle East is heaven for food junkies like me. A travel diary will be followed, but today I want to share with you my favorite Lebanese lemonade recipe.

Firstly you need to peel off the skin of 6 citrons and 2 limes. Squeeze the citrus fruits into a heat-resistent carafe. Add 150 g of sugar, a few slices of ginger and around 20 mint leafs. Dash everything with 1 liter of boiling hot water and leave it to draw whilst stirring it from time to time. When the lemonade has coolen down add 500 ml of apple juice and serve it with a section of lime and some mint leafs. Enjoy!

So what’s your favorite country and your favorite food? Leave a comment down below and share some of your favorite recipes. Lots of love, L

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