Birthday Wishlist

IMG_0547It’s my birthday on Tuesday so I’m sharing my birthday wishlist with you today. Some of the items have been on this list for about a year now since I really like to put thought into the things I wish for and buy. And since I’ve stopped shopping fast fashion every item of clothing has become more of a splurge and I really enjoy getting these bigger items from my loved ones for christmas and my birthday. This way I don’t have to spend my own money ;-) and my family gets something I will truely enjoy, need, cherish for a long time and makes me remind me of them!

So the items on my wishlist aren’t just beautiful trinkets, but also really practical ones!

birthday wishlist 2017

Melawear Cardigan // Eco Lunchbox // Royal Doulton Mugs // Ethnotek Ecopack // Thought Blouse // Aimee Mann – Mental Illness // Komono Sunglasses // Estee Lalonde – Bloom

Lots of love, J

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