3 Easy Breakfast Ideas

They say breakfast is the most important meal in the day. So far that’s true for Julie, she would never leave the house without a filled tummy. For Lisa it’s normally not that important though, most of the days there is no time in the morning for a quick and healthy breakfast. But with these 3 easy recipes we’re both happy to spend that extra time in the kitchen and have a nourishing and delicious start into our days. And hopefully won’t skip that important meal any more.

Healthy Waffles with Fruit

For 9 waffles you need
220 g spelled wholemeal flower
1 1/2 tsp. backing soda
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1 pinch of salt
100 g dates
60 g coconutoil
30 g almond butter
300 ml milk
3 eggs

Puree the dates, coconutoil, almond butter and milk. Add the eggs and dry ingredients. Give it a good stir. Heat up your waffle-iron on medium heat and waffle away! Strawberries on the side for some extra sweetness.

Colorful glutenfree Sandwiches

With my gluten intolerance I normally don’t eat that much bread, because the glutenfree options from the supermarket are never as tasty as fresh bread from the bakery next door. But for these colorful sandwiches the base isn’t that important, you just have to get creative when it comes to the topping. Mix up your daily life with some healthy and colorful options like avocado, egg, tomatoes, cucumber, radishes or mozzarella. For those who have a sweet tooth strawberries and peanut butter works perfectly. Just give free rein to your imagination.

Porridge with apple sauce and cinnamon

Porridge is always a quick and nutritious option when it comes to breakfast. I’m a huge fan of ready made gluten free options from the supermarket, but you could easily make your own porridge.

For 1 portion you need
50 g oatmeal
180 ml milk or water
1 pinch of salt
some maple sirup for a bit of sweetness

Boil the milk and stir in the oatmeal until the porridge gets a thick consistency. Add 1 pinch of salt and some maple sirup for a bit of sweetness. Use apple puree, cinnamon or some fruit for topping.

These are three of our go-to everyday breakfast ideas. We would love to hear from you what is served at your home. Do you have any recommendations for us how to pimp our daily breakfast and how to stick on a routine?

Lots of love, J & L

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