Top 3 Amazon Shows

Last week Julie told you everything about her Top 5 Netflix Shows – and today I’ll break it down to three Amazon series I really enjoy watching. There is a lot of good stuff out there on Amazon and I’m really happy that my favorite comedy shows like Scrubs, The Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother are now available on Amazon Prime – you can always have a good laugh with these iconic comedy series. But sometimes I like you have a little bit of action, drama or even weirdness in my life. Amazon is huge in business when it comes to producing tv shows and I have to confess that I really prefer my Amazon Prime account over a Netflix subscription – been there, done that. The only struggle in my life is: there are so many great shows available on Amazon and so little time. So let’s break this down to three of my all time favorites.

The Man in the High Castle

I’m really enjoying series and movies with a little bit of a mind experiment and some twists. Films like Interstellar or Inception are one of my favorites, because I like the ideas of it creating an alternative world. I’m not a huge fan of fantasy, so for me The Man in the High Castle has the right dose of mystery, some fictive elements but you never have the feeling that this couldn’t be possible. And indeed, that’s what the producers are trying to tell about – an alternative world where the Nazis won the Second World War and took, as well as the Japanese, over America. Among this crazy, brutal dystopia there is this young woman Juliana trying to fight for her values but also aching for a secure and stabile world together with her boyfriend.

Mr. Robot

This show is so far one of the craziest but enjoyable mind struggles I’ve seen so far. Protagonist Elliot (gorgeous Rami Malek), a introverted hacker, is trying to destroy America’s financial system together with the hacker team around a guy called “Mr. Robot”. In this process his mental issues and beliefs get in his way and at one point he’s not even sure what’s real and what’s made up in his mind.


I told you, that I love a little bit of weirdness from time to time when it comes to shows and movies, that’s why I adore the cast of Transparent. This tv series has a little bit of everything, it’s funny and heartwarming but also tearful and at some point really really sad and disturbing. Maura Pfefferman was a successful professor at university and a loving father of three children when he one day decides to live the rest of his/her life as a woman. All her kids are in their thirties now and her former wife is now living with her new husband. The series follows the single characters of the Pfeffermans, trying to deal with this decision of Maura but also captured in their own personal difficulties and confusion.

So now that you know all of our favorite Netflix and Amazon series, let us know, which tv shows you like to watch and what media you prefer – Netflix or Amazon. We would love to hear! Lots of love, L

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