Brand Watch: Mango

To be honest, we really missed a little bit of fashion on our blog. Although we don’t know that much about it and we are for sure no fashion blogger, we really like browsing the internet on the hunt for the newest trends and well-made fabric. There is so much going on in the fashion world at the moment, brands are launching conscious collections and we really love this trend. And there are also so many labels which are on a whole another level as one year before. For example Mango is killing it at the moment. There are unbelievably cool clothes at the online shop right now, so I really have to keep my hands off not to buy a few more pieces. I really underestimated Mango for the last couple of years and also their stores aren’t worth the hype. But online they nailed it, I love the picturesque photos of their look book, this easy summer feeling they transmitter and all the lovely fabrics they used. So here we go, check out a few inspirations we’ve collected.

Brand Watch: Mango

Bralette // Trenchcoat // Dress // Slippers // Earrings // Bag

So what’s your favorite brand at the moment? Would you like us to continue collecting some fashion inspirations on the blog again? We would love to hear your opinion. Lots of love, L


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