Prague In A Day

Way back in September I shared my impressions from a quick get-away to Prague. And today I want to share a “how to explore Prague in a day”. At the end of the post you will find a map with all

160806 Prag 003profil160806 Prag 005profil

Check into your hotel first thing in the morning. We stayed at Machova Hotel which was really nice and had free, secure parking included.
Then wander around the area of Vinohrady a bit, enjoy the beautiful old buildings and visit this gigantic boat-like church with its minimalistic brick and wood interior. After your little stroll finish the morning off with a yummy, typical czech meal and a cold refreshing beer at “Ruzoveho Sadu”.

160806 Prag 008profil160806 Prag 009profil


After lunch take the tube into the towncentre (it’s best to get a day pass for public transport!) and wander around the small streets around the clock tower. Then climb up the hill (or take the tram..) to visit Prague Castle and enjoy a phenomenal view. Going back down the hill, stop at “Creperie U Kajetana” for Trdelnik, a traditional czech pastry (best filled with strawberries and ice cream).

160806 Prag 032profilIMG_9416profilIMG_9402profil160807 Prag 300profil160807 Prag 249profil160806 Prag 014profil


Cross Karl’s Bridge and climb up the “Old Town Bridge Tower” for an amazing view of the sunset behind Prague Castle. Afterwards buy yourself a small cidre and take a nice walk along the Moldau.

160806 Prag 118profil160806 Prag 141profil160806 Prag 137profil160806 Prag 152profil160806 Prag 170profil160806 Prag 067profil160806 Prag 064profil


Slowly start your way back to the hotel and have dinner and drinks at “Kavarna Zanzibar” before you fall into bed after a long, but lovely and exciting day.

160806 Prag 205profil

Click the map below for a better view and the right adresses ;-)

Prague Map In A Day

Have you been to Prague before? What have been your favourite sights?
Lots of love, J



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