Testing out New Products

A few days ago I had a little stroll through my favorite drugstores online and offline. I was on the hunt for a new day cream because unfortunately my skin couldn’t handle my beloved Clinique Superdefense Skin Cream any longer – don’t ask me why. So I needed something really soft and gently to get rid of all the annoying blemished my general skin treatment causes. I went straight to the Origins section at Douglas because its face masks has done me something really good. On my way there I grabbed a few bits and bobs I would like to share with you today and give you a first impression.

First of all I really like the GinZing Face Cream by Origins, it has a nice, decent smell and besides its weird, gel-like texture I sinks in very well and leaves a hydrated, gentle feeling on my skin. I’ll report back if I got rid of all my blemishes but so far I really like the product. Since I was already in the Origins section I grabbed one of its new Flower Fusion Sheet Masks I heard so much good about. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m very excited for this and have high hopes, I love the smell of Jasmine.

Another product I found in the Natural Cosmetics section was this Cactus Lip Balm by Hej. First of all I got it because of its pretty, simple packaging and its cheeky, Swedish name, although it is a German brand. But I needed a new lip balm anyway and by now it’s doing a great job.

There were two beauty products on my list I had an eye on for a long time and finally got my hands on. First of all it’s the Benefit Hoola Quickie Contour Stick. I’m a huge fan of Benefit but never bought the standard Hoola Bronzer, I’m just not that keen on lose bronzing powder. That’s why I got really excited when I found out that Benefit brought out a bronzer stick. Obviously it’s not that cheap and it took me ages to overcome with myself but now I’m a lucky owner of another gorgeous and practical Benefit product.

Another product outside my normal price range for cosmetics is the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Brow Gel, but actually for me it’s a bargain. I kept running through such a crazy amount of brow pencils, so I finally decided to mix up my brow game and got my hands on this little beauty. It’s so easy now to get my brows in perfect shape in the morning – just be aware that the colors online aren’t that authentic as they come in real life. I have middle dark brows so I used the color Saddle.

Lastly I made a quick stop at dm. I’m totally overwhelmed by their offer for natural cosmetics and couldn’t wait to test some of their new products. Finally I bought two products by a vegan brand called Nonique – the Energy Shower Peeling and the Nourishing Eye Care. The cost-benefit ratio is amazing! The peeling smells incredible fresh and springlike and the eye cream is really gentle and moisturizing. I definitely will give this brand another try.

I’m definitely a person that keeps with its stuff when found something good and truly loved. But this time I really enjoyed testing out some new products and mix up my makeup game. Maybe you have also tried something new? So share your thoughts on this post in the comments down below. Lots of love, L

2 thoughts on “Testing out New Products

    1. Oh I really love the Bobbi Brown products, but all in all they are very expensive. Luckily the brow gel will last me ages so it was a good buy. But I would also love to try more BB products, love the brand! <3

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