April Favorites

There are so many amazing things that happened to me during the last couple of weeks so I really didn’t recognized that another month went straight by. So here we go, finally May, my favorite month of the whole year and besides the facts that I have to work a lot in the upcoming days and weeks I really enjoy life and spring at the moment – as you see in my monthly favorites.

I wish it would be a little bit warmer these days, just a little bit, so I can finally wear these pretty loafers again. I found them on Edited and obviously they are by my favorite shoemaker brand Vagabond. Can’t wait to wear them during the warmer months, they are so comfy!

Another piece for the summer months are these sunglasses by Ray Ban. I wanted them for ages just for this special John Lennon vibe in my life and I found a really good discount code during Glamour Fashion Week. So since I got them, they barely left my face, I’m so in love with them.

A third stylish item is this pretty necklace by Jane Koenig. I’m a huge fan of the Danish designer and I already got the same necklace in rosegold for Christmas. The golden one I won at a Valentine’s giveaway, how lucky am I?

And last but not least, how cool is this rug? I found it in my grandmother’s basement and totally had to keep it, it goes totally with the retro vibe of our apartment. Sometimes you find the best pieces where you never would expect them.

Hope you had such a great April as I did. I would love to hear from you and the things you loved. Happy May and lots of love, L

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