My everyday skincare routine

Today I’m sharing my current spring / summer skincare with you. I don’t stick to a strict routine in the morning and night, I simply switch up the products as needed. But I still always cleanse properly and then hydrate.
My skin is dry and sensitive, but is also prone to blackheads and smaller pimples.



To give myself a quick refresh during the day and to take off my makeup at night I use the Bioderma H2O Micellar Water on a big cottonbud and swipe it across my face, neck and décolleté.
After this first cleanse I almost always use the TheBodyShop Camomile Cleansing Butter to have a really thorough cleanse. This second cleansing-step helps to get rid off anything that’s left of my makeup and really get my pores cleansed.
If I’m having a bad skin day I will use the Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel for a more in depth-cleanse.



In the mornings I use the Korres Sunscreen Face Cream Yoghurt SPF 50 to hydrate my skin after cleansing and to protect my skin from the sun. This facecream doesn’t feel sticky or greasy and is perfect under makeup.
At night I currently prefer a more liquid cream and have found a great match with the Lombagine Vitalizing & Balancing Day & Night Cream as it is really hydrating, has a lovely consistency and doesn’t sting my eyes.
For lips the Avene Cold Cream Lipbalm has taken over from my beloved TheBodyShop Vitamine-E lipbalm. It’s really hydrating but doesn’t really show up on your lips, so no more shiny lips, but all the hydration!


Spot Cleaning

For bad skin days, hurtful break-outs and the odd mini-spa-treatment I really enjoy treating my skin with active charcoal.
I’ve had the Origins Clear Improvement Mask for quite some time now and you simply need a really small portion, so this lasts you ages. Whenever I feel a spot coming or want to minimize my pores I gravitate towards this. And even my boyfriend has tried it and loved it!
As a fuzz-free alternative I like the Balea Nosestrips, but they can get really pricy if you use them more often.

Do you swear by any specific skincare products?
Lots of love, J

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