Favorite Ways to Wind Off

Days are incredibly busy at the moment so there is even less time to relax when we need it the most. But there are a few tips and tricks for winding off after a busy day – and that’s what we would like to share with you today.

I have to say: nothing calms me down like having a relaxing warm bath after hours of rushing and working. My ultimate ZEN equipment contains a face mask, some nice smelling bathing ingredients, some candles and of course a cup of delicious tea. It’s no secret that CUPPER is my favorite tea at the moment although I prefer lose tea, but there are looots of great options for daytime and nighttime, happy and busy days.  Put on some music and you’re good to go, nothing will calm you down like a warm, long bath.

Cooking is another option to wind off. I have to say that I sometimes got to convince myself to get up from the couch and into the kitchen after a long day, but the moment I start preparing some delicious and healthy food, I’m in a total ZEN mode. Whilst cooking nothing distracts my thoughts and I get a chance to reflect the day. That’s also why we’re getting a brand new, really nice kitchen soon! I will be even more excited to spend my evenings next to the stove (can you believe I said that?). So be prepared for more recipe ideas and interior blogposts.

To stop your thoughts from wandering you could instead always watch a good, humerous series on Netflix or Amazon. Our favourites are listed here and here. Put on a facemask, grab a glas of lovely wine, cuddle up under a blanket and dive into another world.

Share your thoughts and secrets on how to relax after a busy day in the comments down below.
We would also love to know what you would like to read from us next!
Lots of love, J&L

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