What’s on my desk?

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Last year my boyfriend and I invested in a huge homeoffice desk we can both sit at. I work from home about once a week and basically am glued to my desk all weekend long. It’s a really peacefull and brigth place.
Both at work and at home I got similar items hanging around.

Tech Stuff
I use my macbook pro 13 inch for both work and home and simply love the size of it. If I’m wanting to work with videos or pictures I can easily plug it into my AOC monitor for a bigger screen, but the 13 inch allows me to pop it into almost every medium sized bag.
Along with my macbook almost always comes my Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro tablet which is fast and has a great battery longevity.

I use my Filofax Metropol Personal Organizer on a daily basis as my main planner. As I like to sketch up my inserts myself I can change it up every day or week to fit my needs. I normally use a big month overview for a rough look at what’s next and a horizontal week-planner to schedule in more detail. For syncing up with my work meetings and boyfriend I use iCal and really enjoy the clean look of it.

Foto 19.05.17, 16 13 36

Pens & Notetaking
I’m a big pen hoarder, but have tried to tone it down the last couple of years. Now I mostly use the Frixion Ball Clicker Pens which are erasble gel pens and the Sigma Micron Pens (preferably in 03 and 08) in black. The moment you start writing in black you will never go back.. It simply looks so minimalistic and simple! Along with these I really like the notepads by Raumgestalt which are hold together by a small heart-shaped pin and you simply rip of the sheets.

I always got these two beauty items around me: handcreme and lipbalm. My current favourites are the Rituals Ritual of Ayurveda Soothing Hand Balm and the Avène Cold Cream Lipbalm. Along with these I always (always!) got a big glass of water on my desk as a reminder to keep me hydrated.

Foto 19.05.17, 16 13 52And last but not least there’s a candle burning to lighten my mood and make me feel more relaxed.

What are your desk essentials?
Lots of love, J

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