Favourite Cookbooks

IMG_0674Cooking good, delicious and healthy food is a huge part of our lives. Our everyday life is controlled by outer influences and stress has a huge impact on our lives, so sometimes we just need a moment to ourselves, breathe, relax and enjoy the best times in life – like cooking. We are obsessed with cookbooks and could spend ages browsing pretty pages on the hunt for the next inspiration. So today we would like to share with you a few of our faves to keep you inspired.

Yotam Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi – Jerusalem Since we both have allerdiges it’s not always as easy to whip up an easy and delicious meal. In Ottolenghi and Tamimi’s cookbook you will find loads of traditional isrealian or palestanian recipes that consist of simple ingredients which are combined beautifully and can be adapted as needed. The best thing is that you will get to know a lot of new spices whilst assembling a buffet of different smaller recipes.Niomi Smart – Eat Smart Getting a new kitchen these days makes me extra excited for browsing my favourite cookbooks. One of my faves so far is Eat Smart by gorgeous Niomi Smart and I’m desperately waiting for an instalment. Although I’m not a vegan, not even a vegetarian, I don’t miss anything whenever I try some of Niomi’s delicious and healthy recipes and I shared some of them with you on the blog like these tasty homemade vegetable crisps. And of course I’m totally in love with all the pretty pictures inside – it’s always more fun to cook when you can read about some personal stories behind the recipes and accompanied by great images.IMG_0680Nico Richter – Paleo If you’re looking to eat more healthy, conscious or simply completely different the Paleo way of eating may be for you. Lisa wrote two different blogposts about cooking with this cookbook last year. The 30 Day Paleo Challenge Concept and The 30 Day Paleo Challenge Summary. All the recipes can be perfectly combined with dishes from the Jerusalem cookbook!Salma Hage – Die libanesische Küche I’m a huge fan of the lebanese cuisine after spending a few month in Lebanon (check out my postcards from Lebanon here). During that time I fell totally in love with this country, the people, the culture and of course the food. You will find an amazing variety of different flavours and spices and you will be totally suprised over and over again. So Salma Hage’s cookbook means something special to me, it’s like keeping memories in different tastes plus Salma Hage is an absolute goddess in the kitchen. Give it a try, here I shared one of my favourite recipes so far.

IMG_0685Salma Hage – Orient And Salma Hage again. As you have probably guessed by now: we love oriental food that’s easy to make, contains different spices and can be modified and be combined with recipes from different cookbooks. I simply love to have loads of different smaller dishes on the table, with two or three sauces (tzatziki, hummus and tahin are my faves) and a big loaf of oriental bread for everybody to share and try the combination of different ingredients you don’t really get in western food. In the first picture above “Orient” is flipped open and you have to simply love the beauty of the colourcomposition and flavour combination – aubergine, tahini and pomegranate seeds.

Do you have a favourite cookbook or food blog you get your recipes from that just always seem to work out perfectly?

Lots of love, J & L

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