5 Useful Apps


Calm is by far one of my absolute faves on my phone. It’s an app for mindfulness and meditation to bring more clarity, joy and peace to your daily life. And although I’m not using it for meditating, I really like the different sounds like heavy rain on leaves or the sound of summer on an open field. It calms me down instantly whenever life is getting busy and it feels like I’m in a different setting. It really makes a difference to my hectic life!

We both wouldn’t know what to do without Wunderlist, an online to-do list we share. Regardless of whether you just want to list a few couple of things just for yourself or you want to share them with a bunch of people, Wunderlist is making your life so much easier plus you can also use it as a desktop application on your computer like I do. If you want a more in-depth task-maker with sub-tasks opt for Todoist!

As we are showing you our favourite useful apps I just got to mention Forest, an app a friend showed me recently. Whenever you want to focus on your work, but get distracted by your phone easily, you can plant a tree with this app. You set a time and your tree will start growing whilst you are working. The tree will be killed if you leave the app before the timelime, so keep your hands off the phone. After some time they will plant a real tree (!) for your achievements.

My boyfriend and I share the app Equal and wouldn’t know what to do without it.. You can simply note down how much you payed for who and the app does the math and calculates who owes you how much money and adds it up itself as the person starts to owe you more.

I’ve been using Stylebook on an almost daily basis for about a year now and I really love it. It’s an app to get an overview of your closet. You can simply upload photos of all of your clothing and edit out the backgrounds. And then you can create visual collages of outfits you would like to wear and even schedule them in a calendar. The app is really handy to plan outfits for trips and never overpack. It also tracks how many times you have worn an item, so you can see what types of clothing you get most use out off.

IMG_0697What are your favourite usefull apps?
Lots of Love, J & L


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