Favourite Interior Shops

Last weekend Julie and I had a little stroll through our favourite local interior shops (besides Ikea) and we totally loved it. So we came up with the idea of reporting back to you what we love about interior shopping and which shops are our faves. Besides shopping clothes shopping interior stuff is my big passion and sometimes I think about moving just for the sake of buying new furniture or having more empty space for filling it with all the pretty details. But we’ll see, right now I love my apartment over all and the things I bought for it. And the fact of finally getting a new kitchen tomorrow makes me pretty happy at the moment.

Besides all the little accessory interior stores and second hand stores I really love two shops offline and online. First of all, Bolia. I have to say it’s pretty overpriced counted by the not so amazing quality when it comes to furniture, but whenever I’m there they have some really great deals and discounts. But I’m more obsessed with the little bits and bobs you will find on huge shelves like vases and glasses and fluffy blankets and cushions and oh my god – shop till you drop! I’m obsessed with minimalistic, Scandinavian design and Bolia is like heaven for me.

A similar style but more on the pricy side (but also higher quality) you will find at BoConcept – surprise, another Scandinavian home for the most pretty furniture. And what can I say, I felt in love with the prettiest desk ever (I don’t even need a desk, I’m sitting on the couch while I’m writing this). It’s blooming expensive but it’s exactly what I’ve been on the hunt for so I immediately start saving up for and tell my boyfriend that we’ll replace his desk with this beauty (for the third time).

It’s no secret that Westwing or Westwing now offers the most amazing and high on trend furniture pieces. There is a looot I really wish I would call it my own, for example I’m so obsessed with ghost furniture that I dedicated a whole pinterest board to this passion. There are a lot of great deals you can find at Westwing switching up after a certain amount of time but if you prefer to shop by category, just hop over to Westwing now and you will find all the goodies.

Made is a young interior brand from London which is creating new designs and pieces on a weekly basis. And they have an amazing philosophy… they produce only the amount of furniture people have ordered. Sometimes you have to wait a few month until you get your piece of choice but the quality and price is worth the waiting. Slow interior instead of slow fashion.

Interior Faves

Blanket // Desk // Chair // Flower Pot // Vase // Lamp 

Above you will find a few of my favourite interior pieces waiting on my wishlist for moving in. I would love to hear from you which interior stores are your favourite. Do you prefer quality over price, second hand over modern design? Leave a comment down below! Lots of love, L

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