May Favourites


During May the sun has finally come out and it’s got quite hot in no matter of time. And during summer I’m all about nail-, hand- and footcare to dust of those wintery nailpolishes and dry skin…

For spot-healing I love the P2 Cuticle Cream which I simply rub into my cuticles every night before I go to bed. The cream smells deliciously like peaches and really starts summer! As both hand- and footcream I slather the Eucerin UreaRepair 5% Urea Handcream on. During the day I use a small amount for a quick refresh or after washing my hands as it dries really fast and I am ready to type and write again in a matter of seconds. At night I like to slather the cream on in thick layers for some extra moisture.

As I use a SPF on my whole body everyday during summer I always take a shower at night to clean my skin. And as you might know I suffer from exczema and my skin gets extremely dry very quickly. This is where the Rituals Ritual of Dao Shower Oil comes in really handy. It is an oil you use as shower gel and you’re left with incredibly soft and moisturizes skin. It’s great for a close shave as well! (My boyfriend probably uses 3/4 a bottle every week.. He frikkin loves it.)


A whole other favourite has been this small vase from BoConcept. Lisa and I just visited our favourite interior shops (read more in this post about our fave interior shops) and I fell in love with this cute vase. During summer I like to pick up flowers on my way home from work and this small vase fits a single beautiful flower perfectly. And even when it’s empty it still is a real eye catcher.

As a quick snack in between I’ve been loving the Raw-Bite Cocoa bar which simply contains dates, raisins, cashews, almonds and cacao. They give me a boost of energy on long days or my commute to work and are (in small doses) a healthy snack!

What did you love during May? And what is your go-to-handcream?
Lots of Love, J


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