What home feels like…

Home comes with different feelings… Home feels never like home without special people, things, scents or tastes and for everybody it comes and goes with a different variety of thoughts and feelings. So today we would like to share with you what home feels like for us and we would love to hear from you what home is for you. Let’s spread some love and thoughts on one of the best things in life – home!

1. Having a cup of tea in my favourite spot of my appartment, looking out of the window, a rain-soaked crowded street, cars passing by. I love the calm atmosphere of my living room, all the greenery surrounding me and on the contrary the noisy busy road, a variety of languages in front of my window and the smell of rain, pizza and street dirt.

2. Home feels like endless warm nights sitting on the window sill, sipping on a cool glass of wine, chatting until the sun rises again.

3. Home is being surrounded by the people I love and being able to do what I like most.

4. Coming home after a long, hectic day of work, keeping my boyfriend company in the kitchen, nagging about my day and snacking on bits and bobs while he prepares my favourite dinner. Especially since we have a new kitchen I love to spend some time in this tiny room, enjoying all the conveniences of kitchen devices which now actually work!

5. Being on the road for a while, coming back and feeling like you never left. You simply know every shopowner, little corner and happy places.

Now it’s your turn! What does home feel like for you? Share your thoughts and feelings. We would also love to read about your definition of what home feels like on your blogs, facebook and instagrams. Let’s appreciate the comfort of a warm and cozy home and start a variety of blogposts about our lovely places of choice. Please tag us if you do!
Lots of love, J&B

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