Minimalist Packing 101 – Hot Country Travels


I’m off for a 4-week trip to humid Japan at the end of June and am sooo excited to finally be back! As we plan to buy quite a bit of beautiful bowls, dishes and other nick-nacks I like to travel light when it comes to clothes, toiletries and everything else.
As you may know from my Minimal Packing 101 – for a two weeks camping trip I like to pack by the 5-4-3-2-1 rule. 5 tops – 4 bottoms – 3 accessories – 2 chic pieces – 1 dress. This way I always got everything covered and end up with a ton of variety in terms of outfit-combinations.
What’s left to pack are an umbrella, bikini, workout-clothes, underwear and pj’s – and I’m good to go!
The important thing is to pick pieces that can be matched up with everything else and that don’t need a lot of care whilst travelling.

Hot Clothes

Navy Cardigan for on the plain or train // Blouse to cover up my shoulders // Shirt out of a cotton and hemp blend to protect your shoulders and let a breeze through // Blue and White Cami-Top to tuck into skirts, combine with jeans and make the outfit look effortless

Jeans // Denim Shorts // short skirt // knee-length skirt – in hot countries I often prefer wearing a skirt as it’s more likely to breeze and have a bit of cool air-flow

Hot Clothes 2

backpack – big enough for my camera, a big watterbottle and my cardigan // scarve to keep me warmer on the train and to change up a plain outfit // trainers for everyday walking from sight to sight

clutch to make a basic outfit look more chic // sandals for strolls through town, warm rainy days or combined with a dress for an evening outfit

Hot Clothes 3

dress to have a little glamour whilst travelling minimal

Hot Clothes - Outfits

With the pieces there is a sheer endless number of combinations which give me variety and the possibility to choose every morning but still can be packed in carry-on-luggage and leave my big case for souvenirs and other good stuff!


How do you like to pack? Minimal or with loads to choose from?
Lots of love, J


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