5 Longhaul Flight Essentials


The main thing whilst travelling long flights is feeling comfortable and packing light. There is nothing worse than flying 9+ hours in tight jeans and having no legroom, because you packed everything you might ever need in your biggest totebag. You will only get way too irritated to quick. Keep it simple and stick to the essentials!

Staying hydrated
You can either fill up an empty water bottle in the terminal before you board or ask the flight attendant to come by your seat regularly to fill up your tiny airplane cup. Staying hydrated is key to fight againt swelling feet, dry skin and a good nights sleep.
To keep your skin hydrated I love to bring the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask in a smaller tin to refresh my skin every couple of hours.

Having a variety of entertainment
I love having my favourite Netflix shows downloaded to my tablet, new books on my kindle and a variety of magazines to keep my company whilst a long flight. This way if you can’t get to sleep you can entertain yourself and avoid feeling bored too quick.

Keeping Fresh
Besides the Origins Mask I only bring a toothbrush and toothpaste to keep up some kind of routine in the air and trick my body into thinking I’m really going to bed. A deodorant to fresh up before we land and a chapstick to keep my lips moist.

Getting a good sleep
Key to falling asleep quickly and staying knackered out is bringing a sleeping mask. This way you can completely block out lights being turned on and off and in-flight entertainment screens glaring at you. And you might forget the fact that 300 other people are sitting right next to you for a moment..

Bringing your own headphones
For perfect entertainment and to block out noise for a good sleep always bring your own headphones. This way you will know they really fit, don’t slip out half the time and it will be a thing less that can get you irritated.

What are your inflight essentials?
Lots of Love, J

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