Clicks of the Month #3

Another month is almost over and time is running like crazy. Can you believe it’s almost July? We are craving for these warmer summer months here in Germany, anyhow there are also a lot of chillier, rainy days, so we’ve spent some of our evenings in front of the tv, watching our favourite Netflix series.

One of them is the British sitcom Lovesick and I can’t deny that I’ve watched all episodes at least five times by now. I really can’t wait for a third season, because I’m desperate to find out what’s happening between Evie and Dylan! For the record, Dylan, the mid-twenty male character (played by singer/songwriter Johnny Flynn) was diagnosed with chlamydia and has to contact all of his recent sexual partner, a situation, that is obviously very embarrassing. Every episode tells the viewers how Dylan met one of the girls and how he contacts them, but the setting is also describing the present age showing his troubles of  being in love with his best friend, but he won’t say anything. Anyway, I love the Scottish accent, the great soundtrack and the lovely, heartwarming characters. So you definitely have to give this series a go. Five out of five!

I’ve been in need for some new summery clothes that are suited for work as well as hot weekend days and I’ve been browsing Kauf Dich Glücklich like crazy. They have a collection of fair (and not so fair..) brands which sell clothes, interior pieces, books and cosmetics. So basically everything you might ever desire. They have a really cute selection of unique items and even have their own house-brand.

More than a year ago I got a subscription of my favourite fashion/interior magazine Couch for my birthday and it was one of the best gifts ever. I was always looking forward to finding the latest edition in my mailbox and was so excited by the inspiration I got out of it. So a few month ago the subscription ended and since then I really miss finding my favourite magazine waiting for me at home. Because reason that I always forget buying the latest issue at the kiosk down the road I decided to get another subscription and I’m really looking forward to it. Right now I’m browsing the website for the perfect premium and I can’t wait to get the next issue straight to my letterbox. Do you have any recommendations for good fashion and interior magazines?


A few weeks ago I told you about one of my favourite online shops Edited. Last month I spent ages on their website on the hunt for the perfect jeans shorts, the perfect summer dress or the perfect wedding shoes and so far I haven’t been disappointed. I really love the unique, minimalistic style and the selected brands they offer. And you will always find a good deal, especially when you’re an Edited Insider.

Another Netflix favourite has been Misfits that tells the story of group of young offenders sented to do community service. At their first the at the programme they obtain weird supernatural powers after a thunderstorm hits them. Going further the things that happen to the five of them start getting weirder and weirder. This may sound a bit weird at first, but you just can’t do otherwise, but keep watching. The actors are amazing and I loved the character-development! And you ladies might love a bit of Iwan Rheon aka Ramsay Bolton..

After a few weeks full of a mixture of sun and rain these are all our clicks we loved so far. Do you have any recommendations for good tv series? Winter is coming (soon and we can’t wait).
Lots of love, J&L

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