A Dedication to Gin and Tonic

I have to confess, I’m a little bit of a gin and tonic fan (who isn’t?). I’ve never been this keen on fruity or creamy drinks but it took me at least 27 years to find out gin and tonic is right up my street – sometimes it is that simple, huh? So as we going through these warmer days I love spending these mild summer nights with a glass of g&t in my hand, sitting on my imaginary balcony (coming true soon) and listening to music after a busy day at work. Couldn’t it be summer all year round please?

Besides the very good classic mix of gin and tonic with a little bit of lemon or cucumber (as you prefer) there are a few options to mix up the routine just a little bit. There are different flavour options and it’s totally up to you and your creativity but my favourite combination so far is g&t with a little bit of elderflower and grapefruit – it’s the perfect summery gin punch for you and your guests. Just take a double shot of gin for each person, pluck some mint into pieces, add one shot of elderflower syrup and fill it with tonic water. Cut one half of a grapefruit in small slices and squeeze the other half. Now divide it equally and add some ice – voilà, ready to drink!

Another delicious option (as I never thought) is pimping up your g&t with a bit of natural apple juice – it’s delicious! I’m a huge fan of apple juice so this recipe idea really came in hand. Take a double shot of gin, one shot of elderflower syrup and replace the original tonic water with natural apple juice. Then add some ice and some basil leaves – this gives this cocktail an extra herbal flavour.

I hope you liked these really easy recipe idea. Leave a comment down below and tell us what’s your favourite summer cocktail. Cheers and lots of love, L

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