5 Road Trip Essentials

As I told you in my last favourites post we are both off at the moment for some nice vacation trips. Julie is traveling Japan at the moment and I’m on a short road trip to Italy these days. My fiancé and I are off to the Dolomites, spending a few days hiking, swimming and relaxing after having some really stressful weeks at work. And this little road trip comes in hand with my favourite car so far, the DS 3.

Around Christmas I joined Janas (bekleidet.net) giveaway and won the ultimate prize – the DS 3 for six month! So since the early days of February I’m in love with this dream car and don’t want our time together to be over soon and I’m playing with the idea buying my own DS 3. But let’s get back to the topic! Today I want to share with you five easy but handy essentials when it comes to road trips:

1. I have promoted this water bottle by 24bottles over and over again in the recent blogposts so all I say it’s worth the money and don’t forget to drink enough water! I know it’s unhandy while driving a car and I’m also not keen on stopping at the nearest petrol station to go on the loo for the twentieth time but especially during the summer months and while using the ac it’s more important than usual.

2. Snacks! Of course there are lots of healthy options like fruit, vegetables, smoothies or energy bars but I come from the south of Germany so my favourite snack when it comes to road trips is of course a delicious pretzel (preferably with butter). What’s your favourite snack? I still can remember these days when I spent one year in Sweden and craved for a pretzel than nothing else. I guess I ate at least three in row after coming back.

3. I hate the feeling of food stuck in my teeth so I always have some gums with me. I prefer these Extra Professional White ones just because I’m not keen on anything spicy, fruity or the worst – cinnamon!

4. My eyes are very sensible that’s why I never leave the house without my sunnies. A few month ago I bought these retro ones by Ray-Ban and I’m totally in love with them. They go perfectly with my gold jewelry, have this special John Lennon vibe (I’m obsessed with the Beatles since at least 20 to 25 years) and most important, the green toned glasses are both protecting and see-through.

5. And last but not least the ultimate essential when it comes to longer road trips: a power bank! I’m using my phone during the trip in many ways including listening to music and as navigation device. The power bank by EasyAcc fully charges my phone at least four times. I have it for two years now and it’s still working perfectly. So whenever I’m out for a camping trip or spend lots of hours on the road this comes more than handy.

What is your ultimate travel essential? And what’s your next destination? Have a great weekend and lots of love, L

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