Summer Inspiration

Summer is by far my favourite time of the year – I love the sun, the shimmering hot weather and the positive vibe. During summertime everything is brighter, easier, happier and it’s really terrifying me thinking about winter, the colder months, the darker days. To keep summer going I collected a few of my favourite inspirations for these lighter days of the year.

1. Get inspired. Plan a trip or the perfect staycation. You don’t have to go far away to enjoy the most amazing summer day. I really love the inspiration Bloglovin collects for all its lovely readers. Check out these amazing travel posts, it gives me the travel bug instantly. By the way, do you already follow Dasjuteleben on Bloglovin?

Summer Inspiration

Outfit 1 Handbag // Body // Shorts // Slippers 

Outfit 2 Shirt // Chinos // Sunnies // Sneakers

2. Shop the perfect summer outfit. Soon we will tell you all about our summer and beach bag essentials but for now just get inspired by some of my favourite summer pieces. For me the ultimate must haves are some pretty, comfy slippers and a stylish pair of sunglasses – and you’re ready to go. As I told you, my favourite only shop so far is Edited, they will always keep you inspired for the seasonal key pieces!

3. During summertime I’m mostly craving for fresh food and lots of fruit like mangos or melon. I find it hard to motivate myself standing an hour in the kitchen after a long day full of work when the weather is still warm and sunny. Most of the time I have a little stroll through my favourite cookbooks on the weekend and write out some recipe ideas. An alternative option is having a picknick. Luckily there is the most gorgeous park down our road where you can have a nice barbecue with friends and family. It’s the perfect opportunity coming together and in my opinion there is no better reason for a gathering than the perfect summer weather.

And what are your plans for this summer? Let’s make the following months amazing! Leave a comment down below and tell us which detail you need for the perfect summer day, we would love to know. Lots of love, L

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