Getaway with AirBnB

A week ago or so my fiancé and I spend some lovely days in beautiful South Tyrol, Italy. We both we desperate for a time off from work and so we decided to travel south. I’ve been to South Tyrol many times before with my family hiking in the mountains and most of the time we stayed at a comfy hotel with a spa and all the lux, but this time we decided to rent an apartment – the weather shouldn’t be that nice so I prefered to have a whole flat just for us where you can cook and stay in if the rain would be too heavy.

I’m a huge fan of AirBnB! It’s easy, most of the times cheaper than a hotel and it has this special feeling like coming home. Plus I’m a huge interior fan and always curious about how other people live and style their homes. I’ve been away with AirBnB many times before and never regretted the decision. We spent more than two month with AirBnB in Beirut and met the greatest and loveliest people there, I lived in the tiniest apartment in Paris with my brother and had great time in the suburbs of London with my friends.

And there is more on the list. In just a few weeks I will spend some wonderful days in Stockholm with one of my besties there is a family trip to Bavaria planned and a concert in Linz, Austria – I love AirBnB! The app is really handy and depending on the budget, your spontaneity or your comfort standard you will always find the perfect match.

Like we did in Peio. Luckily the aparments in this skiing area are really cheap in Summer, so we had high comfort, the most gorgeous, comfy interior and a really nice host who was very helpful to us. In this area you’ll find great hiking trails up in the mountains and it takes you only an hour back to Bolzano, where you have all the comfort of a slightly bigger city. There is no doubt that we will come back one day.

Have you ever been to a travel destination with AirBnB? Which experiences did you aquire? And do you have the ultimate insider tip for our little community? Would love to read from you! Lots of love, L

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