Summer Hair Care for on the Go

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As I’ve told you before in our post “love is in the hair” I got relatively strong, uncomplicated hair. I’ve even established the routine of washing my hair about every three days and the look fine in between, which has helped the health of my hair a lot. My main tip always is to wash your hair as little as possible and to use as little products as possible as well. But during summer everything changes again. Sun can get really damaging and drying on my hair. Although my scalp is fine, I’m always left with dry ends after a week in the sun and my hair feels and looks a mess.

Over the years I’ve established a quite good routine to avoid this happening and as I’m currently in a really hot and humid climate in Japan my hair still looks great!
So my formula is to keep washing your hair with the same shampoo as always. One that cleans your roots and does everything you want from a shampoo. For me this is the Le Petit Marseillais Nutrition Shampoo which I massage into my sculp only. This way I don’t dry out my ends in addition.

Then it’s onto the caring and nourishing. After about 3 days in the sun I like to start using a little (really a teenie tiny bit!) Goldwell Sun Reflects 60sec treatment for my roots and leave this in as long as I can whilst showering. If I feel like my ends are drying out during the day or inbetween washings I will add a spritz of Goldwell Sun Reflects UV Protection Spray as well which acts as an oil. You can get both of these products in a handy travel set as well which for me is the perfect size for about 4 to 8 weeks!

After about two weeks in the sun (usually when my holiday or the heat wave ends) I like to pamper myself a little extra and apply the Weleda Oats Reconstruction Treatment to my roots and really massage it in.

Essentials for strong and healthy hair during summer are also a good hairbrush and hairties. My hairbrush is the travelsized Tangle Teezer, which comes with a ‘lid’ and as hairties I always bring a few invisibobbles and a bigger hairclip. Tying up my hair when I sweat really is key to me as the salt in my sweat dries out the ends of my hair as well!

Foto 16.07.17, 09 11 30

How do you prevent your hair from breaking during summer and keep it looking fresh and smooth without using a million products?
Lots of love, J

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