4 Tips to Stay Fit on Holiday

IMG_16501 Staying hydrated

Drinking enough water helps to make you feel good and fuelled, eliminates toxins from the body and keeps your skin looking plump and vibrant. It’s especially important if you’re on holiday in a hot climate, you should at least drink 2 L of water daily.

2 Exercise while on the go

What better way to explore your holiday destination than by walking around all day and exploring the sights? Or just rent a bike and tour across the city and take pit stops at beautiful places. Exercising doesn’t necessarily need to be at a gym. Make the most of what you have and walk those old church-stairs up and down taking bigger steps (lunges anyone?).

3 Train where you are and with what you have

The easiest way to stay fit on holiday is to just put on your gym-clothes and start training right where you are – hotel room, hostel dormitory, beach, Eiffel tower… I like to do some heavier yoga and use resistance bands (so light and small to pack!) and water bottles for some weighted exercise. Just make up your own routine and stick to it. Take advantage of being near the water as well – snorkelling, surfing or just running around in the water burns calories and is so much fun!

4 Cook by yourself as much as you can

Part of the fun whilst on holiday is exploring local markets, cooking with local ingredients and spices and trying out new things. To have a good look at what you eat it’s best to cook by yourself (whilst sipping on a glass of red wine…).

Lots of Love, J

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