Brand Watch: Vagabond

Brand Watch Vagabond

Clutch // White Slippers // Red Slingbacks // Brown Mules // Pink Mules // Grey Sneakers // Black Slippers

My favourite shoe brand for sure is Vagabond. I’m obsessed with their shoe styles since 2009 when spending my time one year in Stockholm and spending my money on Vagabond shoes. In a time of fast fashion they have great values, ethical aspects and focus on a conscious production. And also important, they create the most comfy shoes every and they have an idea of fashion and the latest trends. I could fall in love with almost every design the Swedish label creates and I’m really looking forward to travelling to Stockholm in just a few weeks and spending some money on a special pair of Vagabonds – for my wedding day.

Sometimes I really find it hard to find some well fitting, comfy shoes, so any recommendations? What’s your favourite shoe brand? I would love to hear from you guys. Lots of love, L

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